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BEE 2022 Exam | 22nd Certified Energy Auditor & Manager Exam | Past Question Papers with Solutions

Updated: Jun 16

Bureau of Energy Efficiency National Certification Examination (NCE) - 22nd For Energy Managers & Energy Auditors(EM/EA)

tips to crack BEE exam with past all year exam solved paper
BEE 22nd NCE for certified Energy Auditor & Manager

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Bureau of Energy Efficiency Energy Auditor Exam Background:

Within the framework of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 there is a provision to introduce energy managers as well as energy auditors. These powers and functions of the Bureau are expressed in Chapter IV, Section 13(o) (p) (q) (r) and (s) of the Act.

(o)maintain a list of accredited energy auditors as may be specified by regulations; (p)specify, by regulations, qualifications for the accredited energy auditors;

(q) specify, by regulations, the manner and intervals of time in which the energy audit shall be conducted;

(r) specify, by regulations, certification procedures for energy managers to be designated or appointed by designated consumers;

(s) prepare educational curriculum on efficient use of energy and its conservation for educational institutions, boards, universities or autonomous bodies and coordinate with them for inclusion of such curriculum in their syllabus; In order to support implementation of these sections of the Act we are developing a pilot scheme to test advanced and cost-effective ways to provide information and training to energy managers as well as auditors.

Responsibilities of Energy Managers

1.Prepare an annual activity plan and present to management concerning financially attractive investments to reduce energy costs.

2.Establish an energy conservation cell within the firm with management’s consent about the mandate and task of the cell.

3.Initiate activities to improve monitoring and process control to reduce energy costs.

4.Analyze equipment performance with respect to energy efficiency.

5.Ensure proper functioning and calibration of instrumentation required to assess level of energy consumption directly or indirectly.

6.Prepare information material and conduct internal workshops about the topic for other staff.

7.Improve dis-aggregating of energy consumption data down to shop level or profit center of a firm.

8.Establish a methodology how to accurately calculate the specific energy consumption of various products/services or activity of the firm.

9.Develop and manage training program me for energy efficiency at operating levels.

10.Co-ordinate nomination of management personnel to external programs.

11.Create knowledge bank on sect-oral, national and international development on energy efficiency technology and management system and information denomination.

12.Develop integrated system of energy efficiency and environmental up-gradation, Wide internal & external networking.

13.Co-ordinate implementation of energy audit/efficiency improvement projects through external agencies.

14.Establish and/or participate in information exchange with other energy managers of the same sector through association.

Some major provisions of EC Act relate to: 1. Designated Consumer (mainly energy-intensive industries) to comply with the specific energy consumption norms for the products & services delivered by them. 2. Standard and labeling of energy-consuming appliances, gadgets and equipment to ensure the promotion of energy efficiency of the new stocks entering the market.

3. Energy Conservation Building Codes to ensure that new commercial buildings constructed in the country have lesser power consumption.

4. Creation of Institutional Set up (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) for effective coordination of the energy conservation efforts in the country.

5. Establishment of Energy Conservation Fund at Center and States to provide necessary financial support for energy efficiency initiatives in the country.

The path to engage energy managers and energy auditors have already been laid in Indian industry through Indian National Certification Examination (NCE) for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors.

BEE Exam 2022 Pattern:

BEE Energy Auditor exam will have a total of four(4) papers, out of which 4th paper will be of the open-book test.

Paper-1: General Aspects Of Energy Management And Energy Audit

Paper-2: Energy Efficiency In Thermal Utilities

Paper-3: Energy Efficiency In Electrical Utilities

Paper-4: Energy Performance Assessment For Equipment And Utility Systems

For detailed syllabus check Prospectus here :-

BEE Exam 2022 Eligibility Criteria for CEM & CEA:

The candidates registering for the bee certified energy manager/auditor entrance exam shall fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

1. Graduate Engineer (B.E/B.Tech) or “Equivalent” along with THREE YEARS of work experience involving the use of energy in operation, maintenance, planning, etc.

2. Post Graduate Engineer (M.E/M.Tech) or “Equivalent” along with TWO YEARS of work experience involving the use of energy in operation, maintenance, planning, etc.

3. Graduate Engineer with Post Graduate degree in Management or “Equivalent” along with TWO YEARS of work experience involving the use of the energy in operation, maintenance, planning, etc.

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Qualification of BEE Energy Auditor / Energy Manager Exam:

A candidate is declared to have passed the energy manager/energy auditor examination by aipnpc, provided he/she secures a minimum of 50% marks in each of the written papers as applicable. In case, he/she does not secure a minimum of 50% marks in each paper(s) as stipulated above, he/she is deemed to have failed in the said National Certification Examination for which the candidate has registered. The candidate, however, has the option to apply and register himself as a fresh candidate. A maximum of THREE attempts per paper within SIX consecutive examinations.

Up-gradation from Certified Energy Manager to Certified Energy Auditor:

Only candidates who have qualified for Energy Managers and also fulfill the eligibility criteria for appearing as Energy Auditors are eligible for up-gradation.The choice of exercising this option is restricted to a period of 5 YEARS from the date of issue of Energy Manager Certificate. Those eligible candidates who wish to apply for up-gradation shall use their existing register number (ONLY ONCE) and need to qualify by appearing in a maximum of THREE attempts within SIX consecutive examinations.

Award of BEE Exam Certificate:

A candidate qualifying in Paper-1, Paper-2 & Paper-3 is eligible for the award of the Energy Manager Certificate.

Energy Auditor candidates, passing in Paper-1, Paper-2 & Paper-3, but failing in Paper-4 are eligible for the award of Energy Manager Certificate.

A candidate qualified as Certified Energy Auditor automatically qualifies for the Energy Manager’s certificate.

The validity of Certificate:

The certificate issued to successful candidates is valid for a period of FIVE YEARS and renewable every five years. For renewal, certified energy managers/energy auditors shall attend a short-term refresher course conducted by the Bureau or the agency. After attending the Refresher course, candidates are required to inform BEE about attending the Refresher Course in a specified format so that the certificate is renewed for another five-year period.

BEE Energy Manager Exam 2022 Books (Guides):

AIPNPC Cover Page

The fourth edition of BEE Energy auditor exam books for Paper -1, 2, 3 & 4 will be supplied to the registered candidates of 22nd National Certification Examination for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors. Soft copy of these books can be download by clicking on below link:-

Paper - 1👉General Aspects of Energy Management and Energy Audit

Paper - 2👉 Energy Efficiency in Thermal Utilities

Paper - 3👉Energy Efficiency in Electrical Utilities

Paper - 4👉Energy Performance Assessment for Equipment and Utility Systems

How to crack BEE Energy Auditor Exam 2022:

First three papers can be easily cleared if we practice the last 10 years question papers available online. Try to attempt to complete 150 marks to clear the exam easily.

First paper do not stick on to writing essay answers at full length which will eat away your time. Be specific to the point and address all the points in a brief manner. The logic of more pages the answer more the marks don't work here.

Second paper on thermal is relatively easier to mechanical and chemical engineering people whereas electrical engineering people need to work out more on this. Be prepared for 5 chapters thoroughly and solve multiple problems. Be thorough with the formulas as the time management is important and deriving the formulas in the exam will eat away lots of your time.

Third paper titled electrical systems & utilities is relatively easier. Please note that electrical systems related questions will be of very less percentage compared to utilities. Don't miss compressors, fans and pumps as the major chunk of questions comes from these topics. Prepare well on HVAC too as it will help in cracking the 4th paper.

And for final 4th paper first and important thing to keep in mind is not to refer the book for everything. You need to have great control and time management rather than technical skill to clear this paper. Just try to refer only formulas but not the model or anything else. You need to attempt for at least 80 marks to clear this paper out. All the questions will be of page length and require a lot of time to understand. Don't be hurry in starting the answer instead spend relatively quality time in understanding the question.

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Exam Notification for 22nd National Certification Exam for Energy Auditor and Energy Manager:-


22nd nce for energy auditor and energy manager exam date notifications

If you have any doubt regarding the BEE Energy Manager & Energy Auditor Exam contact us via contact us form.

Thank You & Best of Luck for Exam.

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