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Benefits of Green Audit

There are many advantages of green audit to an Educational Institute.


  • It would help to protect the environment in and around the campus.

  • Recognize the cost-saving methods through waste minimization and energy conservation.

  • Empower the organization to frame a better environmental performance.

  • It portrays a good image of the institution through its clean and green campus.

  • More efficient resource management

  • To create a green campus

  • To enable waste management through reduction of waste generation, solid and waste

  • To create plastic-free campus and evolve health consciousness among the stakeholder

  • Recognize the cost-saving methods through waste minimizing and managing

  • Authenticate conformity with the implemented laws

  • Empower the organizations to frame a better environmental performance

  • Enhance the alertness for environmental guidelines and duties

  • Impart environmental education through systematic environmental management approach and Improving environmental standards

  • Benchmarking for environmental protection initiatives

  • Financial savings through a reduction in resource use

  • Development of ownership, personal and social responsibility for the University and its environment

  • Developing an environmental ethic and value systems in youngsters.

  • Green auditing should become a valuable tool in the management and monitoring of environmental and sustainable development programs of the University.

  • Finally, it will help to build a positive impression through green initiatives for the upcoming NAAC visit.

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