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Energy Audit – Utility Systems


SEA Energy offer Energy Audit of utilities system by studying various utilities in the premises and providing the right practical solution for energy saving in a cost effective manner. These services are conducted by expert professionals. Engaged in Offering Energy Auditing of Industrial utilities systems: HVAC system, Chiller, Boiler and Furnace, Air compressor, Pumping systems, Air conditioning and refrigeration system etc.

Energy Audit of Utility System includes Energy Performance Assessments of Utility Systems like-


  • Boilers

  • Refrigeration Plant Equipments – Chiller

  • Air Compressors

  • Chilled Water Circulation Systems

  • Brine Chillers

  • Hot Water Generators

  • Cooling Towers

  • Pumps & Pumping Systems

  • Thermic Fluid Heaters etc

  • Air Blower, Ventilation Systems etc

  • HVAC System, Central Air Conditioning Systems.

Energy Performance Assessment of Steam Generation (Boiler) & Distribution System

  • Review of Steam Generation & Distribution Systems

  • Review of Historical data of Fuel Consumptions for Steam Generation and Plant/Facility/Section wise Steam Consumption.

  • Boiler Efficiency Assessments

  • Review of condensate recovery system

Energy Audit – Chillers & HVACSystem

​Performance Assessment of Chillers



  • Review of Operating Parameters

  • Chilled Water & Cooling Water Main Supply Flow Measurements

  • Power Measurements for Electrical Chiller / Review of Steam Consumption records incase of Vapour Absorption Chiller

  • Chiller Efficiency Assessments & Specific Power Consumption Calculation

  • Power Measurements for Chilled Water Pumping System

Performance Assessment of Chilled Water Pumping Systems



  • Review of Operating Parameters

  • Chilled Water & Cooling Water Main Supply Flow Measurements

  • Calculation & Assessments of Specific Power Consumptions

  • Performance Assessment of Cooling Water System

  • Measurements of Required Data and Assessments of Cooling Tower

  • Cooling Water Pumping System Power Supply Measurements

  • Calculation & Assessments of Cooling Tower Efficiency and Specific Power Consumptions

Performance Assessment of HVAC Systems



  • Review of Operating Parameters

  • Measurements of Power Supply for individual Air Handling Units (AHU)

  • Velocity Measurement for Major Area Catered by HVAC System

  • Assessments of HAVC System for Losses and Specific Power Consumption

  • Identification of Energy Conservation opportunities

Performance Assessment of Domestic Air Conditioning Units (ACs)



  • Measurements of Power Supply for individual Air conditioning Units (Split ACs, Window ACs, Cassette ACs, Fan Coil Unit,Ductable ACs etc)

  • Assessments of Specific Power Consumption​

Performance Assessments of Pumping Systems

  • Measurements of Flow & Power of Pumping System

  • Assessment of measured data and evaluation with respect to requirement and actual data.

  • Pump Efficiency calculation

  • Suggestion to improve energy performance of pumping system

Walk Through Energy Audit

  • Review of Power & Fuel consumption records

  • Walk through audit and suggestions based on audit for potential energy saving opportunities​

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