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Maintenance Services

SEA/MN/01: HVAC System Maintenance Services


  • Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Pressure Balancing Work

  • Filter Cleaning Contract

  • Overhauling of HVAC Systems

  • Breakdown Maintenance Service

SEA/MN/02: Chiller Maintenance Services


  • Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Breakdown Maintenance Service

  • Overhauling of Chiller​

SEA/MN/03: Domestic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Units

  • Annual Maintenance Contract for Split AC, Window AC, Water Cooler, DX Units, Cold Room

SEA/EC/04: Utility Equipment Maintenance

  • Pumps, Blower, Air Compressor, Cooling Tower & Other Equipment Maintenance

SEA/EC/05: Preventive Maintenance Services

  • Preventive Maintenance Service for API/Chemical Process Equipments & Utility Equipments

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