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Energy Management Services

SEA/EM/SER001: Comprehensive Energy Performance Assessment / Energy Audit.

Comprehensive Energy Audit includes complete energy efficiency Analysis of Plant including Utility System, Thermal Systems as well as Electrical System.


  • Specific Energy Consumption

A detailed analysis of historical data shall be carried out to analyze specific energy consumption and evaluate opportunities for energy saving.


  • Energy Accounting and Balancing

A detailed measurement & analysis is carried out to ascertain the consumption pattern and identify potential gain areas for all forms of energy and all the major consumers.


  • Performance of Major Equipments

The study evaluates performance of all the major equipments to check operating capacity, efficiency and specific energy consumption. It identifies sources of loss and their contribution. The study suggests measures to optimize performance by operating the equipments at specified parameters and with desired energy consumption.


  • Study of processes and operations

The study evaluates performance of major processes and operations for efficient utilization of resources. The systems are studies to evaluate operating capacity and process efficiency. It identifies major areas for improvements and suggests methodologies to achieve the same.

SEA/EM/SER002: Energy Audit – Electrical


  • Review of Electrical Supply & Distribution System.

  • Review of Historical data of Electricity Bill and Plant/Facility/Section wise Power Consumption Record.

  • Transformer Load Analysis.

  • Electrical Motors Load Survey

  • Lighting System​​

SEA/EM/SER003: Energy Audit – Utility Systems


Energy Audit of Utility System includes Energy Performance Assessments of Utility Systems like-


  • Boilers

  • Refrigeration Plant Equipments – Chiller

  • Air Compressors

  • Chilled Water Circulation Systems

  • Brine Chillers

  • Hot Water Generators

  • Cooling Towers

  • Pumps & Pumping Systems

  • Thermic Fluid Heaters etc

  • Air Blower, Ventilation Systems etc

  • HVAC System, Central Air Conditioning Systems.

SEA/EM/SER004: Energy Performance Assessment of Steam Generation (Boiler) & Distribution System

  • Review of Steam Generation & Distribution Systems

  • Review of Historical data of Fuel Consumptions for Steam Generation and Plant/Facility/Section wise Steam Consumption.

  • Boiler Efficiency Assessments

  • Review of condensate recovery system

SEA/EM/SER005: Energy Audit – Chillers & HVACSystem

​Performance Assessment of Chillers



  • Review of Operating Parameters

  • Chilled Water & Cooling Water Main Supply Flow Measurements

  • Power Measurements for Electrical Chiller / Review of Steam Consumption records incase of Vapour Absorption Chiller

  • Chiller Efficiency Assessments & Specific Power Consumption Calculation

  • Power Measurements for Chilled Water Pumping System

Performance Assessment of Chilled Water Pumping Systems



  • Review of Operating Parameters

  • Chilled Water & Cooling Water Main Supply Flow Measurements

  • Calculation & Assessments of Specific Power Consumptions

  • Performance Assessment of Cooling Water System

  • Measurements of Required Data and Assessments of Cooling Tower

  • Cooling Water Pumping System Power Supply Measurements

  • Calculation & Assessments of Cooling Tower Efficiency and Specific Power Consumptions

Performance Assessment of HVAC Systems



  • Review of Operating Parameters

  • Measurements of Power Supply for individual Air Handling Units (AHU)

  • Velocity Measurement for Major Area Catered by HVAC System

  • Assessments of HAVC System for Losses and Specific Power Consumption

  • Identification of Energy Conservation opportunities

Performance Assessment of Domestic Air Conditioning Units (ACs)



  • Measurements of Power Supply for individual Air conditioning Units (Split ACs, Window ACs, Cassette ACs, Fan Coil Unit,Ductable ACs etc)

  • Assessments of Specific Power Consumption​

SEA/EM/SER006: Performance Assessments of Pumping Systems

  • Measurements of Flow & Power of Pumping System

  • Assessment of measured data and evaluation with respect to requirement and actual data.

  • Pump Efficiency calculation

  • Suggestion to improve energy performance of pumping system

SEA/EM/SER007 – Walk Through Energy Audit

  • Review of Power & Fuel consumption records

  • Walk through audit and suggestions based on audit for potential energy saving opportunities​

SEA/EM/SER008 - Training & Awareness Programme on Energy Conservation

  • Training Programme on Technical Aspects of Energy Efficiency & Energy Conservation of Equipments & Systems

  • Awareness Training programms of Energy Conservation opportunities with fundamentals of Energy Intensive Equipments & System

SEA/EM/SER009 – Consultancy Service for Implementation and Surveillance of ISO 50001 – EnMS (Energy Management System)

  • Consultancy Service for Implementation and Surveillance of IS 50001 – EnMS (Energy Management System

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