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Thermography, Electrical and Electrical Safety Audit

Thermography Energy Audit:-

Infrared Thermography is a science of using electronic optical devices to detect and measure radiation and correlating that to surface temperature.Thermal imagers can convert infrared radiation being emitted from the body into electric signals and thus present them visually. Infrared Thermography is the latest analysis tool for the detailed energy audit as the thermal cameras are powerful tool in viewing wall cavity insulation, ceiling insulation, moisture related problems. Several areas in electrical installations are not easily identified using conventional methods but these are able to locate with Thermal Imaging. Infrared Thermography is one solution for diagnosis used to determine the most effective plan of action to make the electrical installation more energy efficient.

Thermography is a key part of Energy Audits to find the wall cavity insulation, ceiling insulation, moisture, Misalignment, unbalance, machine and component looseness, damaged shafts, vanes and blades, bearing defects, cracks, spills, boiler and furnace.


Electrical and Electrical safety audit:-


SEA Energy provide Electrical audit and Electrical safety audit services for new installation and improvement in existing system, Electrical Services to Industries, Schools, Offices, Malls, Buildings. Safety Audit is carried out by experts in the respective fields who examine management system, facilities and activities of the organization on safety aspects assess the prevailing hazards, the level of prevention, protection and emergency management preparedness and subsequently prepare a recommendation to upgrade safety inputs to avert mishaps and limit consequences. It includes preparation of drawings, estimates and technical specifications.

Energy Audit – Electrical


  • Review of Electrical Supply & Distribution System.

  • Review of Historical data of Electricity Bill and Plant/Facility/Section wise Power Consumption Record.

  • Transformer Load Analysis.

  • Electrical Motors Load Survey

  • Lighting System​​

The objective of Electrical safety audit is to:
  • Verify compliance with established standards (regulations, internal policies and industry wise standards of practice)

  • Identify deviation from designed and planned operating and maintenance procedure and standards.

  • Identify conditions or operating procedures that could lead to an accident and significant losses to life or property.

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