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GRIHA Certified Professional Examination | Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment

Introduction of Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment - GRIHA

GRIHA is an acronym for Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment. GRIHA is a Sanskrit word meaning - "Abode". GRIHA attempts to minimize a buildings resource consumption, waste generation, and overall ecological impact to within certain nationally acceptable limits / benchmarks. It is a ratification tool which helps the construction industry to reduce the harmful effects of construction on the environment thereby promoting sustainable development.

GRIHA has been conceived by TERI and developed jointly with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India. It is a green building design evaluation system, and is suitable for all kinds of buildings in different climatic zones of the country. GRIHA was adopted as the National Rating System for Green Buildings in India by MNRE in 2007.

The GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) rating is based on the points obtained against various criteria (mandatory as well optional) laid down under respective latest GRIHA Manuals.

First Green building In India

Our first major milestone came in 2003 when the CII-Godrej GBC building in Hyderabad became Indias first platinum-rated green building. It was the greenest building at that point in time and this distinction really marked the start of the green building movement in India.

Examination structure for GRIHA certification

After attending the 3 Day Training Program, you may choose to appear for the GRIHA Certified Professional Examination.

Examination Process: After attending the program, a User ID and password is shared with all participants enabling access to this portal. The examination is held once a month. It’s an online examination which you can give from your home/office.

Syllabus and study material: The GRIHA Certified Professional Exam is based on GRIHA Version 2105. Candidates may refer to the GRIHA V2015 abridged manual available at and the presentations given during the training program to prepare for the exam.

GRIHA Certification Exam structure

The GRIHA Certified Professional Examination has 60 questions. Maximum marks are 100. The exam duration is 75 minutes.

The passing marks to become a GRIHA Certified Professional are 75. There is NO negative marking. Full marks for questions will be given only when the following conditions are met:-

Single Choice Questions: Marks will be given only when the candidate selects the correct option and only 1 option. If more than 1 option is selected, the question will automatically be marked zero.

Multiple Choice Questions: Full marks (2 or 3) will be given only when the candidate selects all right answers. If the candidate selects less/more options than correct options or if even one of the selected options is incorrect, the question will be marked zero.

There are 3 sections in the question paper:

Section 1: Single/Multiple Choice Questions (40 Questions). The candidate will have to assess for each question whether it will have 1/2/3 correct options and mark accordingly.

Section 2: True and False (10 Questions)

Section 3: Calculations (10 Questions)

Examination fee: Rs.1000/- per attempt.

Validity of GRIHA Certificate

The Validity period is 2 years. The validity guidelines are under development.

Qualification for rating

All projects which satisfy either of the following two thresholds may apply for a GRIHA Large Development rating: Total site area greater than or equal to 50 hectares.

Some of the benefits of a green design to a building owner, user, and the society as a whole are as follows:

  • Reduced energy consumption without sacrificing the comfort levels

  • Reduced destruction of natural areas, habitats, and biodiversity, and reduced soil loss from erosion etc.

  • Reduced air and water pollution (with direct health benefits)

  • Reduced water consumption

  • Limited waste generation due to recycling and reuse

  • Reduced pollution loads

  • Increased user productivity

  • Enhanced image and marketability

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