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Energy Audit of pumping system | Methodology Adopted for Pump Energy Audit | SEA Energy

What is Pump Audit?

A pump audit is a scrutinize of your pump system. It scrutinize the overall efficiency of your pumps and reveals how much energy could be saved by switching to a different pump / pipe line changes. What is more, it clearly shows the monetary impact of those savings. Because we believe that energy conservation is most efficient when it benefits everyone.

Energy Audit of pumping system and Methodology Adopted for Pump Energy Audit by SEA Energy

SEA Energy Pump Audit

Many pump systems are waste energy and money day after day. SEA Energy Auditors can help you determine whether your system is one of them. A pump audit will tell you exactly how much you could save by optimizing your system. And then we can help you achieve those savings.

Why Pump Energy Audit?

  • Pumps account for 10% of global electrical power consumption

  • Two third of all pumps use up to 60% too much energy

  • If every business switched to a high efficiency pump system there could be global savings of 4% of the total electricity consumption - comparable with the residential electricity consumption of 1 billion people.

  • The life cycle cost of a pump reveal that the energy costs eats away 85%, maintenance costs 10% and the initial investment of the product is a meager 5%

The reasons for high power consumption in pumps are

  • Improper selection and operation

  • Over-design

  • Improper layout

  • Old inefficient pump

Why Save Energy ?

Energy is one of the key barometers in identifying a country’s economic development and hence more energy saved improves the country’s security as also economy. Higher energy needs results in huge investments in the form of setting up power plants etc. Depleting natural resources; Oil will last for 45 years, Gas 65 years and Coal over 200 years - is quite disturbing and thus the need to save energy becomes inevitable. It’s an initiative for a clean, green and sustainable environment.

Energy Efficiency Benefits to The Industry, Nation & world


  • Reduced energy bills

  • Increased competitiveness

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved quality

  • Increased profits


  • Reduced fuel imports

  • Avoided costs can be used for welfare measures

  • Conservation of limited resources

  • Improved energy security


  • Reduced GHG and other emissions

  • Maintains a sustainable environment

Methodology Adopted for Pump Energy Audit

  1. Short list pumps for study

  2. Measurement of Actual flow, Pressure & Energy Consumption.

  3. Calculating the pumping system efficiency

  4. Discussion with Engineering / Maintenance Department

  5. Data analysis and recommendations

  6. Final report

What Can You save from Pump Energy Audit

A pump energy audit helps you take affirmative action in order to save energy. The pump audit tells you exactly how much you could save with new, more efficient pump technology and how long it takes to see a return on your investment.

When energy accounts for a staggering 85% of the total cost,that’s where you can achieve real savings. In many systems, more than half of all the energy consumed by the pumps could be saved. Yes, more than half. It’s not just something we say it’s something our pump audits have proven.

The reduced energy costs alone mean that new pumps can pay for themselves in very little time. In each case, the pump audit report will show the exact number of months, usually around 18 to 20. After that, the savings translate into pure profit for you. Year after year.

SEA Energy want to actively help conserve the world’s energy resources. We do so by following environmentally responsible principles ourselves, but even more importantly, we create technology that has a real impact on energy consumption worldwide.

One important factor is our firm belief that everyone should have the opportunity to make an informed choice. The pump audits are one example. Best of all, our products make energy savings financially viable. And that’s when things really start having an effect.

We believe in building strong relationships based on trust and commitment. Our services exceed expectations in improving business bottom lines. We promise and deliver on time completion of projects.

SEA Energy offered Services:-

1. Energy Management Services

  • Comprehensive Energy Performance Assessment / Energy Audit

  • Energy Performance Assessment of Utility Systems & Equipment’s

  • Energy Performance Assessment of Steam Generation (Boiler) & Distribution System

  • Energy Audit – Chillers & HVAC System

  • Performance Assessments of Pumping Systems

  • Walk Through Energy Audit

  • Training & Awareness Programme on Energy Conservation

2. Water Audit & Conservation

  • Water audit is a systematic process of objectively obtaining a water balance by measuring flow of water from the site of water withdrawal or treatment, through the distribution system, and into areas where it is used and finally discharged. Conducting a water audit involves calculating water balance, water use and identifying ways for saving water.

  • Provide water audit for analyzing the opportunities of reuse effluent treatment & rainwater harvesting opportunities for water conservation.

  • Water Supply and Utilization Study

  • Process Study

  • Waste water treatment Study

  • Water Balance

3. Power Quality Analysis & Fault Investigation

  • Any operational problem in the network like tripping of switchgears, burning of Electronic Components or any other anomaly suspected to because of poor power quality condition.

  • We offer root cause analysis of these problem & provide possible measures along with their cost-benefit comparison in order to avoid these faults in future.

4. Electrical Safety Audit

  • To carry out a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential electrical hazards involving personnel, Electrical Systems/Electrical Installation, services and operation method along with Legal / statuary compliance.

  • Verification of Statutory Compliance's with respect CEA Regulations 2010

5. Thermal Imaging (Thermography)

  • Analyze surface temperature pattern of affected equipment to detect problem of load imbalance, overload, arching, panels, transformers bus bars, heating of motors and terminals, leak and cracking areas for mechanical utilities such as shaft, boiler, furnaces and compressor etc.

6. Performance Assessment

  • Performance Assessment of Boiler, Steam Distribution and Thermic Fluid Heaters.

  • Performance Assessment of Chilling Plant , HVAC System and Refrigeration & Air Conditioning System

  • Performance Assessment of Pumping System

  • Flow measurements through ultrasonic flow meters

  • Performance Assessment of Cooling towers and Heat Exchangers

7. Project Management and Consulting Services

  • Project Design, Detail Engineering and Execution Support

  • Project Cost Estimation and Feasibility Analysis

  • Energy Conservation Project Evaluations and Assessment

  • Projects for Productivity Improvements

8. Maintenance Services

  • Utility System Maintenance

  • HVAC System Maintenance Services

  • Domestic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Units

  • Chilling Plant, Air compressor, Pumping System

  • Process Equipment Maintenance Services

  • Preventive Maintenance Services Electrical

9. Awareness and Training Programme

  • Energy Conservation Techniques in Industry

  • Water Conservation Techniques in Industry

  • Energy Management

  • Water System Management

  • Energy Management System ‐ ISO 50001

  • Environmental Management System

  • Energy Conservation in Thermal Utilities

  • Energy Conservation in Electrical Utilities

SEA Energy offered products:-
  • Premium Efficiency Fans for HAVC Systems (EC + Fan)

  • Energy Efficient Motors (IE-3,IE-4, IE-5)

  • Energy Efficient Pumping System

  • BLDC Celling Fans , Efficient Lighting Automation Systems

  • Water Saving Plumbing Accessories (Water Saving Nozzles, Washing Guns, Orifices etc.)

Our Major Client

  • Pharmaceuticals, API - Industry, Power Plant, Fertilizer Industry, FMCG Manufacturing Plant, Food Industry, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Polymer, Agro chemicals, Engineering, Textile, Power Plant, Commercial Buildings (Hotels & Malls), Institutions (Banks, Colleges etc.), Residential Apartment Projects, Government Institutions, Steel Industry, Plywood and Laminate Manufacturing Industry, Herbal & Cosmetic Manufacturing Industry, Plastic and Rubber Industry, Dairy, MSMEs etc.

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