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How Water Audit Work and What are the Benefits of Water Management/Audit

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Conducting a water audit in your in your Buildings / Factory / Industry / Hospitals etc. can help you to save money by reducing water bill and Energy bill.Water Conservation is help to save your money and the environment. Water Conservation is a smart business strategy to reducing your water use can save you money on your water and energy bills. Every business is a come with different things but a water conservation is an easy way to start.

Water Audit / Water Management is only way which is help in conservation of water. Water audits provide a way to identify the water usage and various causes like excess water use, leakage, technology system etc. Conserve water in your Buildings / Factory / Industry / Hospitals etc., below step will helping you to find prioritize steps to implement cost-effective water-saving measures. 1st Step:- First step toward understanding both a facility’s water use and what can be done to reduce it. They trace water use from its point of entry into the facility through its discharge into the sewer. They identify each point of water use within and around the facility and estimate the quantity of water used at each of these points. Gather data such as where water is used(for which equipment with location) then you need to collect previous three-five years water bills and consumption data and also all equipment manuals. 2nd Step:- In Second step You need to conduct walk through Water Audit in your Buildings / Factory / Industry / Hospitals etc., to verify water uses, estimate hours and Quantity of use, leakage of water and find ways to reduce water use with above same problem. i.e if leakage of water found that you need to solve or attain this water leakage. They identify and quantify unaccountable water losses and possible leaks. They provide facility executives with a road map of potential savings, as well as implementation costs. 3rd Step:- Now You find the way to solve the all problem which, you find in 2nd step. Also analysis previous bills and water uses and find solution ,like where you are ale to reduce water consumption. In addition to water quantity, water use audits should also take into consideration water quality. Some of the largest potential savings that can be achieved is through the recycling of water or the use of rain water. Water audits can help identify potential uses for alternative sources of water. 4th Step:- Now you prepare Estimation of new equipment of fixture change outs and compare with estimated savings for water and energy to calculate Money payback period with your investment. Also compare this saving with environmental aspects. What are the benefits of conducting a water audit? The water audit is a well-established procedure that identifies productive uses and needless waste. If one knows where water is used and lost, a water conservation can be planned. By conducting a water audit, one can track water usage and focus on activities that cause water loss and what that loss costs the utility. Identifying and repairing leaks saves a substantial quantity of water and also avoiding the need to look for new water sources to meet the increase in water demand. Thus, a water audit can deliver expected results by identifying and fixing water problems and make a water utility financially sustainable. The overall goal of a water audit should be to select and implement program's that reduce water losses. By conducting a water audit, an assessment of the capacity of total water produced and actual quantity water distributed is worked out. This will help to compute estimation of water losses in the system. Water audit improves the knowledge and documentation of the distribution system, problem and risk areas and a better understanding of what is happening to the water after it leaves the source point. Leak detection programs help in minimizing leakages and tackling small problems before they become major ones. Water Audit is help in Reduced water losses and improved financial performance, Improved reliability of supply system, Enhanced knowledge of the water distribution system, Efficient use of existing supplies etc. You need help of water audit you would be able to achieve a water balance study which will give you a lots of benefits like reduce water consumption, water recycling, water leakages etc. We having best water audit instruments like Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Thermal imager and Leak Detector etc. So contact now expertise for getting water audit at your Buildings / Factory / Industry / Hospitals etc. For more visit please write to us at or in comment box. Also visit our website for more details at

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