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Way to reduce energy consumption in the Industrial water and waste-water cycle

According to Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of India, about 500 billion cubic metre water out of the total available fresh water is used in industries annually. Out of this, about 10 billion cubic metres water is used by processing industries and 30 billion cubic metres is used for refrigeration purposes.

Way to reduce water consumption in the Industrial water and waste-water cycle

Industrial wastewater has very variable quality and volume depending on the type of industry producing it. In India, nearly 6.2 million m3 of untreated industrial wastewater is generated every day (of the total ~ 44 million m3/day wastewater). Only ~ 26% of domestic and ~ 60% of industrial waste waters are believed to be treated in India (Bhardwaj, 2005; Grail, 2009; Kaur et al., 2012; Kamyotra and Bhardwaj, 2011; CPCB, 2005a,b; CPCB 2007b,

Here are best ways that industries can save energy in water & wastewater cycle:-

1. Energy optimization using Variable speed drives

Variable speed drives provide effective speed control of AC motors by manipulating voltage and frequency. Controlling the speed of a motor provides users with improved process control, reduced wear on machines, increased power factor and large energy savings. Variable speed drives (VSDs) for water and wastewater can include optimization controls that are built-in to the drive.

Using Variable speed drives (VSDs) can reduces the total energy consumption when the system operates below the nominal load. In water and wastewater applications energy optimization can improve the overall efficiency of a motor and drive system by 2 to 10%. In the removal of salt applications the energy savings can be between 30 to 60%.

2. Energy monitoring for Motor Energy Consumption trend

Energy monitoring system is the most significant demands to decrease the energy consumption. Smart energy monitoring system technique tracks the usage of energy of different regions of the plant throughout round-the-clock. The energy Monitoring System is accomplished through the use of Energy meters, along with data loggers. Multiple energy meters is closely linked to an network. Data logger is utilized to get these data from Energy meters via network protocol.

Finally, these electrical energy consumption associated data is processed and reflected within data-logger then data logger transfer this data to the LAN or Cloud server. Authorized person can access the data. VSDs can include this type of energy monitoring function built-in, which enables utilities to follow their energy use and calculate energy savings in kWh, MWh, CO2 emissions and money saved in the water & wastewater system.

3. Use of Energy Efficient IE5 motor to reduce Energy Consumption

It is said that as much as half of the world’s electricity is consumed by motors. Motor driven systems in the industry sector alone consumes 60% of the electric energy. The International Efficiency (IE) standards stipulate the energy efficiency and basically has set five levels of motor efficiency: IE1 to IE5. The highest efficiency level being IE5 the ‘Ultra-Premium Efficiency’. These IE codes serve as a reference for governments who specify the efficiency levels for their minimum energy performance standards for motors in their respective countries.

Many industries run their older motors until the end of their working life, which can be several decades. However these older motors are usually a lower efficiency class, like IE1, IE2 & IE3. Upgrading to newer, more efficient motors can reduce motor losses and further save energy. Each IE class delivers 20% lower losses, meaning that an IE4 motor will have 20% lower losses than an IE3 motor, while a ultra-premium efficiency IE5 motor can reduce total losses by up to 40%. If you replacing older motors with new energy efficient motor you will get back your investment within few years.

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  • Energy Efficient Motors (IE-3,IE-4, IE-5)

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  • Water Saving Plumbing Accessories (Water Saving Nozzles, Washing Guns, Orifices etc.)

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It is a very important process to provide energy efficiency products and solutions to help water utility customers assess energy savings potential. Energy efficient products and solutions are critical for the success of any industrial water and wastewater treatment plant. It is also very critical to educate the staff about how to use these products effectively.

SEA Energy can help you assess your facility's energy use and develop an action plan that makes the most of your resources. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field and are ready to work with you today! Contact us for more information about how we can help you improve the efficiency of your water utility.

Thanks for reading our blog, we hope it will help you.

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